Westfire has developed a complete range of wood burning stoves, flue pipes, chimneys and accessories recognisable by their clean lines.

All Westfire’s products are manufactured in accordance with the finest traditions of craftsmanship. The stoves incorporate the latest combustion technology, which ensures economical and clean combustion.

Uniq 37 Logbox

The Westfire Uniq 37 is perfect for modern life with an extra large glass area giving a stunning fire view, this Danish stove is an accomplished performer burning wood efficiently and cleanly. The Uniq 37 wood burning stove is a slim sleek design with a flush fitting stainless steel handle.

  • 7.2kw output

  • 78% efficient

  • DEFRA approved


Uniq 17 logstore door

The Uniq 17 sophisticated airwash system helps keep the panoramic glass clear and the air vents at the top ensure it distributes heat more evenly and handle that stays cool to touch, making it perfect for open plan living.

As one of the most popular stoves in the Westfire range, the Westfire Uniq 17 woodburning stove also has an impressively large glass area for a 5kW stove. This glass area coupled with it's easy to use air control system and high efficiency figures makes this an ideal choice for your home.

  • 5kw output

  • 77% efficient

  • DEFRA Approved